Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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Finals are in full swing.  If I didn't stay super organized during this time of the year, I would have a major panic-attack!  During the semester I make a million to-do lists, but when midterms and finals roll around I make even more... if that's even possible.  

Staying focused and organized is the only way that I survive school.  I am just not one of those people who can wait until the last minute or pull an all-nighter and do well.  That's just not me.

The Self Control app has been a lifesaver for me.  I get so easily distracted by Facebook, Twitter, blogging and pretty much anything non-school related.  There have been times that I have sat at the library for an hour before I've even cracked a book... not good!  That's where the Self Control app comes into play and boy does it help.

Self Control


Self Control allows you choose how long and what sites you want to block.  I typically turn it on for one or two hours, depending how much I need to get done and then give myself a 5-10 minute "reward" break and then turn it on again.

You can choose what sites to block by choosing Blacklist or you can block all sites, except ones that you select by choosing Whitelist.  Although, I have never had the guts to choose Whitelist... that seems like way to much of a commitment.


A time clock on the screen and at the bottom shows you how much time you have left.

If you "forget" don't worry, it won't let you get on blocked sites... even if you try!

Have you used Self Control?

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  1. Never heard of it! I might have to try it out... I get sucked in and an hour goes by without my even knowing it!


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