Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day Sales

Time to go shopping... and save loads!

ASOS | 20% off with code SUMMER4EVER

BaubleBar | Buy 2 sale items, get 25% off with code SUMMER25; Buy 3 sale items, get 30% off with code SUMMER30; Buy 4+ sale items, get 35% off with code SUMMER35

C. Wonder | 25% off full-priced items with code LABORDAY 

Charm & Chain | 20% off all over $100+ with code ENDOFSUMMER

Crane & Canopy | Free shipping on orders of $150+ with code LABORDAY2013

Elaine Tuner | Save an extra 30% off sale items + receive a free travel gift with purchase

GiGi NY & Graphic Image | Free monogramming & shipping 

L.L.Bean | 10% off entire purchase with code LABORDAY10

J.Crew Factory | 40-50% off everything + free shipping with code LABORDAY

J.Crew | Extra 30% off sale items with code HELLO30

Joe's Jeans | 30% off fall fashion with code LABORDAY

Joie | Extra 20% off sale items with code LABORDAY13

Lands' End | 30% off everything 

Tory Burch | Up to 30% off with code LABORDAY 

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend shopping!


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Friday, August 30, 2013

3 Labor Day Outfits

Can you believe it's already Labor Day weekend?  The summer sure flew by!  Time to start phasing out all your sundresses, white and bright summer clothes and slowly transitioning to fall.  Now when I say slowly... down here in sunny Florida that transition is painfully slow.  We never know when fall will peak out from behind the bright sun and let us wear light jackets and boots without sweltering.  But, I still personally like to start phasing out my summer wardrobe even though the temps are still quite summery! 

Today I am linking-up with long distance loving to bring you three looks for this weekend (Labor Day).  Whether you're having a low-key weekend at home, heading off for one last beach weekend, or hitting the sales, it's time to pull out your favorite summer items for one last shebang! 

This weekend take advantage of your last few days of white shorts, jeans and shoes and of course those Labor Day sales!

Don't forget to head on over and check out this weeks Friday's Fancies link-up!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


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Thursday, August 29, 2013

We All Need a Little Leopard in Our Life!

Kate Spade's new arrivals have really inspired me to start wearing a little more leopard this fall.  Leopard is such a fun accent to add to an otherwise drab look, yet still look sophisticated.  I think leopard can go from day to night and business to play seamlessly.  

I am also loving these pants & this coat!

Are you a fan of the leopard trend?  How will you wear leopard this fall?


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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Travel Essentials

Labor Day is less than a week away, so it's time to start packing for your long weekend getaway!  Friday afternoon I will be heading north for some Gator football... I am only staying two days, so a small duffle is plenty large enough to carry everything I will need for my trip.  It's always smart to have a couple go-to bags so you're never stressing out before a relaxing vacation (even if it's only for the weekend!).

Tuckernuck has a fabulous collection of stylish weekend bags to help you prepare for your travels!

What are your go-to weekend travel essentials?  Are you taking a fun trip for Labor Day?


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Monday, August 26, 2013

They're Back!

You asked for it... and JT made it happen.  

*NSYNC reunited for about two minutes at last night's MTV VMA's and it was epic!  Although the reunion was short and sweet, I loved every minute of it (and I'm crossing my fingers it's not a one-time only event!).

Justin Timberlake shared a fun group shot on his Facebook page.

In case you missed it, here is the *NSYNC portion of the performance from last night's VMA's.

I think my *NSYNC fandar kicked in a few weeks ago in anticipation of last nights reunion... remember this post? and this one?  Ultimate fan over here!

Oh and did you see how *NSYNC conveniently joined Twitter one day before the show... is this a sign of things to come?  I think so!

What did you guys think of last night's VMA's?  Do you think the *NSYNC reunion was a one-time event or will we be seeing more from these guys very soon?

If you need a little more *NSYNC in your life after last night, here is a full concert on YouTube!


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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Links

Cheers to Sundays!
Here a few links I'm loving this weekend, enjoy!

1.  I'm crossing my fingers that this will happen! 

2.  A fabulous scalloped tote that can take you from work to play! (I may have to bite the bullet and order one.)

3.  Fab find!  Peplum trench coat for under $200!  

4.  Pink pumps?  Yes please!

5.  Tina Fey always cracks me up!

6.  A Downtown Field Jacket to transition to fall.

7.  Inspired by these celebrity looks! (here, here, & here)  

8.  Black & White Polka-Dot Pumps!  A great way to add a bit of style to your work look.    

9.  Some living room decor inspiration.  I'm dying for a house or apartment to decorate.  (Crossing my fingers for that one too!)

10.  Thanks to my new Netflix membership, this is my new favorite series.

What are you reading/watching/listening to/downloading this Sunday afternoon?


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Friday, August 23, 2013

3 Outfits for College


It may be 90+ degrees outside now, but the library is always 20 below!  Be prepared for those long study sessions with a cute fleece sweatshirt (I am a big fan of this one & this one too!).  Jeans are also the perfect go-to pant for the library.  Easy, comfortable, and classic is what I go for when putting together the perfect library look.  And don't forget to bring those preppy school supplies and classic agendas to keep you organized!


A classic skirt and cute blouse is the perfect outfit for going to class... no pajamas are not acceptable attire for anything other than staying home!  Remember, you always want to make a good impression on your professors and peers and showing up day after day in sweats make it appear that you don't care.  A comfortable pair of flats or sandals are key.  After all, you don't want to be uncomfortable walking around campus all day.  In Florida I have gotten pretty used to the temps outside being much warmer than the temps inside (read: air conditioning on full blast = freezing), so throwing a lightweight scarf or cardigan in your bag is always a good idea.


J.Crew Scalloped Dress | J.Crew Sidney Jacket | Loren Hope Corrin Bracelet | AV Max Bow Cuff
J.Crew Pearl NecklaceIvanka Trump 'Indico' Pump | Longchamp 'Le Pliage' Large Tote

It's always a good idea to be prepared with a go-to professional outfit.  Whether it's for an interview or class presentation, a simple professional outfit always comes in handy.  I am in love with this scalloped dress from J.Crew, it is perfect for summer and fall and can be dressed up or down depending on the level of dress for the occasion.  I low heel, like this pair by Ivanka Trump, is the perfect shoe to add a little height without going overboard and being uncomfortable

Shop a few more items for back to school:

Today I am linking-up with long distance loving for Back to School Friday's Fancies so head on over there and check out what everyone has put together this week!

Also check out a few things every college girl needs in her wardrobe!

Do you have a favorite go-to school look?


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Thursday, August 22, 2013

J.Crew Catalog Covers

On Wednesday I got the latest J.Crew catalog in the mail.  One of my favorite treats in the mailbox!

Here is a look back on a few old catalog covers.

Which cover is your favorite?  What is your favorite item in the new arrivals?


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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Graphic Sweaters

I am a huge fan of the graphic sweater for summer and fall.  A light weight sweater with a nautical theme (like this one) is perfect for the summer and a long-sleeve graphic sweater is perfect for fall.  Last fall I fell in love with the fabulous collection of graphic sweaters offered by C Wonder.  I am so happy they have brought back the scottie dog and added a fun red elbow patch to make it even better this season.  J.Crew brought back their hen sweater, but this season it's at their Factory store... even better!  I am also a fan of this striped giraffe sweater from Banana Republic.  Stripes + an animal graphic... this sweater combines two of my favorite trends for fall!

Are you a fan of the graphic sweater/sweatshirt for fall?


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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School :: Dorm Decor

A few fabulous dorm rooms from Pinterest!

Don't you just love how cozy this dorm room is?  The matching bedspreads, headboards and pillows give this room a cozy and stylish look.  I love the pink, orange and green color combo!

How could I not love this orange and blue dorm?  The bed skirt is simply fab!

Monograms, chevron and a chandelier... adorable!

If you have a fabulously decorated dorm room, I'd love to see it!

Which dorm look is your favorite?


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Monday, August 19, 2013

College Tips

Since today is the first week back to school for my alma mater, I figured I would share a few tips for all you new college freshman out there!

I love this fabulous J.Crew catalog cover from 2007... perfect for back to school!

Shop Around for Textbooks | Do not, I repeat do not simply go to your campus bookstore and hand them your list of required textbooks you need for the semester... shop around!  First off, I would wait until a few days into the semester before you purchase all your textbooks.  In my experience, you do not always need the textbook.  Some professors test based on the textbook and assigned readings, while others simply lecture and offer optional textbooks to assist you in your understanding of the material.  I had professors in college who listed 3 or 4 textbooks required textbooks for their class, but once I got the syllabus I realized I only needed one.  You also don't want to purchase your textbooks until you're 100% sure you're going to stay in the class.  I changed my schedule during drop/add almost every semester of college (particularly during the first two years when I had a lot of choice about what I was taking).  It's also a good idea to consider using e-books.  KindlesiPads, Nooks and other tablets are a great alternative to the otherwise expensive and heavy textbooks. I used an iPad app called Course Smart which allowed me to download my textbooks on my iPad and view them on my laptop.  The app allows you to highlight, take notes and print pages from your textbook.  It's a great tool because it allows you to access your textbooks from any computer with Internet access, simply by logging into your account on their website.

Three things to consider before purchasing your textbooks: 

  • Do you want to rent or buy?  Textbooks can be extremely expensive, so renting your textbooks can be a great option.  However, you do not receive anything in return for your books at the end of the semester.  Renting can be a great option since many professors use different textbooks each semester causing the bookstore to not buy your book back at the end of the year.  
  • E-book vs. physical book E-books are often a lot cheaper than physical textbooks and many e-book sites offer students the option to rent the book for a period of time making the purchase much more affordable.  However, before deciding to go digital with your textbooks consider how you learn.  Would you benefit from the physical textbook when studying for an exam or could you manage with a completely digital academic lifestyle?
  • Will I need this book for future semesters? Before deciding whether to rent, buy or go digital consider whether or not you may want to keep this textbook for use in future semesters.  If it is an elective class that you will likely not think about again, renting can be a great option.  However, if it is a book related to your major it may come in handy in future classes.  Note: I didn't keep many textbooks from semester-to-semester and when I got to my final class as a senior I wished I had... my final class did not have a textbook and the entire class was based on one group project and one presentation (no lectures or exams).  It would have been helpful to be able to reference older textbooks while working on this project (luckily I had most of my notes, which I was glad I kept!).

Where to shop for textbooks: | Barnes & Noble | Off-Campus Bookstore | iBooks | Chegg | | On-Campus Bookstore | SlugBooks (a great place to compare prices)

Don't skip class | It may seem like a no brainer, but don't skip class!  It is way too easy to push that snooze button on your alarm each morning and get a few extra hours of shut eye, but believe me it will come back to bite you eventually.  Don't allow yourself to get in the habit of skipping classes.  While I know it can be tempting when a professor doesn't take role or give pop-quizzes, but missing lectures without a good reason can be detrimental to your GPA.  Freshman year I had my share of classes that I skipped, but by my Sophomore year I realized that was not a good idea.  Just because a class is not part of your major or seems easy does not mean you should only show up on exam days.  You never know when a professor may decide to give a pop-quiz or give everyone who showed up extra credit... after all professors have the ability to change the syllabus as they see fit (even in the middle of the semester).

Be proactive, join a club! | The start of your freshman year can be difficult.  Living in a new place and not knowing very many people can make attending events intimidating.  But, step out of your comfort zone and join a club or organization!  At many colleges and universities joining Greek Life is a choice you have to make before you ever step foot on campus since Panhellenic Recruitment may take place before the first day of classes begin (check out: 4 1/2 Reasons a Sorority May Not be for You, Yet).  I started at UF as a second semester Freshman and was advised not to go through Spring Recruitment since not every sorority at UF participated.  I ended up not joining Greek Life, but have heard many ups and downs of sorority life from many of my friends who did join.  Not being able to rush a sorority with many of my friends was disappointing at the time, but in the long-run I am very happy that I decided to attend UF despite not being able to join Greek Life as a freshman.  It was also nice to not have the stress of rush and pledging a sorority on top of the work-load and stress that already comes with adjusting to college life.

Although I didn't join Greek Life, I did join other campus organizations.  CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ), PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) and Ad Society were great organizations for me... although I didn't really get out there and participate until I was a Sophomore (which I regretted... I waisted a lot of time Freshman year when I could've been out making friends).  So take my advice, during the first couple of months of school visit any organization you feel might interest you and then pick a few to join!  You'll be glad you did.

Get in a Routine (and remember to eat breakfast!) | Having a daily routine can really help you be a more productive and less-stressed student.  Figure out what works best for you, mornings or nights, and then get in a routine that works best for you and stick to it!  I found that I am not much of a night person, so waiting until 10pm to cram for an exam was not going to work for me.  I did much better waking up early and spending my free time during the day working on homework or studying and then having my nights free.  Find the routine that works best for you and you'll get more done each day.  Use your time wisely!  Take those two hours between classes to study, do homework, make to-do lists, or get organized, don't just go to the cafeteria and hang out.  If you join Greek Life or a club most of your meetings/events will be in the evening so use your free time during the day to keep up with your academics so you won't have to miss that fun party on Thursday night!  Note: Think about how you work best when scheduling your classes.  If you know you are not a morning person, try not to schedule 8am classes (if you can avoid them!).  

I love this College Do's & Don'ts video from vlogger Sarah Belle!

Check out, What every freshman girl needs in her wardrobe!

Share any tips you have in the comments below!

Happy First Week of School Gators!

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Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale

Don't miss the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale happening now!

I am loving this fun jacket! Might have to snag it before it's gone.

Try not to get too frustrated when the site tells you it's down... It has been doing that a lot!

Happy Shopping!

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Shift into Fall at the Office

I am slowly starting to long for fall.  Don't get me wrong, I love sunny summer days when I can wear my favorite sundress and sandals, but August can get pretty muggy in Florida... making me long for the cooler (less humid) days ahead!  I know it may be quite some time before fall graces us with it's presence, but a girl can hope can't she.

In anticipation of Labor Day coming up in a few weeks I have been thinking about how I will transition my wardrobe from summer to fall despite the warm (un-fall like) weather that is typical in Florida.  The easiest thing to do is to wear light layers and darker colors as fall begins to approach.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Home from Garnet Hill

Garnet Hill has had a Lilly Pulitzer home collection for a while now.  Every time I look at it, I long for a beach house to decorate!  All the brightly colored rugs, shower curtains, bedding and towels would make any Lilly lover squeal.  My all time favorite would have to be the flamingo rug.  It is so perfect for a dorm room or bathroom in an apartment, so if you're getting ready to go back to school (college that is), you might want to snag this little delight before it's gone.

If you're looking for dorm room bedding, I love this one!

Do you love the Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection for Garnet Hill as much as I do?

Happy Saturday!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School :: Preppy School Supplies

Notebook // Le Pen // Flash Drive // iPhone 5 Mobile Charger // Lobster Makeup Bags //
Jonathan Adler Sticky Note Set //  VV Noteblock // Acrylic Tape Dispenser

Notebook | Everybody needs a stylish notebook to take to class.  Afterall, you're going to be spending the next 9+ months taking notes in it!  Lifeguard Press has a great selection of preppy notebooks by our favorite preps Jonathan Adler and Lilly Pulitzer, but I love the notebooks from Sarah Pinto... and chances are these notebooks are not going to be owned by every girl on campus!

Le Pen | I am a huge fan of buying new pens at the start of each school year or semester.  Opening a new package of fresh pens and filling in all your dates on your calendar with them is so much fun!  I love all the fun colors le pen offers, but Paper Mate Flair is another favorite of mine (the pink is my go-to for writing in my planner)!

Flash Drive | Flash drives are a must have for any high school or college student.  I recommend keeping one (or two) in your school tote or backpack to have on hand whenever you need it.  It's important to be prepared whenever you may need to backup something on your laptop or if you're using a school computer to work.

Mobile iPhone Charger | To make sure your never without your trusty cell phone, keep one of these handy portable iPhone chargers in your bag at all times.  I used to drag my iPhone charger around with me and then have to search for a wall plug whenever my phone got low... this handy pocket charger would've made life so much easier!  Check out these options... J.Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, & Jonathan Adler!

Makeup Bags | Different size makeup bags are perfect for keeping your school tote or backpack organized.  You can use them to store makeup, pencils/pens, chargers/cords, post-it notes and other odds and ends you may be dragging around campus.  This set of 3 makeup bags from Vineyard Vines is perfect for keeping your life a little more organized!

Sticky Note Set | I love a good set of sticky notes!  Lifeguard Press once again comes to the rescue by offering a bunch of totally awesome sticky note sets.  A good sticky note set is the perfect thing for taking notes while reading and then stick it in your textbook or on your notebook or make your daily to-do list and paste it in your agenda!  Carrying a good set of sticky notes with you will help you stay organized during your busy school days.  

Vineyard Vines Noteblock | Every prep needs a little VV in their life!  This noteblock is the perfect thing for every college girls desk.  And you can never have too much paper!

Acrylic Tape Dispenser | Don't you just love acrylic office supplies?  I think acrylic is so classic, yet modern... totally fab!

What are your must-have school supplies this semester?


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Casual Friday

Running Errands...

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I love putting together cute work appropriate outfits, but I also love a good casual day!  A day where I don't have to wear heels or formal work attire.  A day when I can just be comfortable.  It has been a while since I did an outfit of the day post on Instagram.  In college I was much better about posting pictures of my daily outfits on social media.  But with the hustle and bustle of working life, it's hard to find a good time and place to photograph my #OOTD pics.  This week's Friday's Fancies link-up with long distance loving is all about how to look cute while running errands (head on over to av's blog to see what other fab bloggers have put together!).  On the weekends I tend to wear jeans, capris or shorts paired with my favorite pair of white Keds or Jack Rogers sandals.  Occasionally I will wear gym clothes all day, but most days I feel much more productive if I am dressed in actually clothes (even on the weekend).

J.Crew Factory Big Bow Graphic TeeCropped White Jeans (now on sale!) + Champion Keds
J.Crew Factory Hen Sweater + J.Crew Pixie Pant (black) + Tory Burch 'Reva' Flat

Happy Friday!

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