Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kate Spade for Lifeguard Press 17-Month Agendas

Now Available Online!

The first item in the Kate Spade Collection by Lifeguard Press is now available online, the 14-month agenda.  This agenda begins this month (August 2013) and runs until the end of 2014.  Similar to the Lilly Pulitzer Agendas by Lifeguard Press, this agenda gives you a look at the month as a whole and then has week-to-week pages with lines for appointments, notes or to-do lists.  However, unlike the Lilly Agendas we all love, this agenda brings a more sophisticated style to your daily planner.  Don't get me wrong... I love the fun Lilly Pulitzer patterns that each month has in the Lilly Agendas, but this one is a little more "grown-up."

In typical Kate Spade fashion these agendas have fun, motivational quotes at the beginning of each month.  The planner also brings the classic bold typeface we've come to expect from Kate Spade paper goods.
I love the clean-lines of the month at a glance pages!
This planner has so much room for writing down everything you need to remember for the week!  Plus, if your anything like me, you'll fill it with fun post-it notes and to-do lists too.
Oh and don't forget to add your best friends and family members birthday, anniversaries and special occasions to the Celebrations pages!  I'd hate for you to miss that fun party you were invited to! :)

Are you going to order a Kate Spade + Lifeguard Press agenda or stick with a trusty old friend?


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  1. these are a bit more grown up! Too bad I already bought a new Lilly planner, this probably would have been more work appropriate!


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