Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pandora Radio

1. *Nsync Radio | For the Gym | Recently I've been loving the *NSync Pandora Radio station.  From your favorite 90's hits to Stevie Wonder and Justin Timberlake's latest hits, this radio station serves up some the best pop music selection I've found on Pandora.  It's perfect to listen to while on the elliptical  or bike in the morning.  The up-beat selection of songs puts me in the perfect mood for a morning work out.

2.  Symphonic Radio | For the Office | I'm always a little more productive when I have some background music playing.  I tend to get super distracted if their are lyrics in a song, so I love the Symphonic Pandora station.  This station plays a great selection of classical music to help me stay focused and relaxed while working.  I loved this station for long study sessions in college!

3. Glee Cast Radio | For the Car | Who doesn't love the mash-ups and Broadway hits from Glee! I love jamming out to some of the great hits by the Glee Cast while driving around.  It puts me in such a great mood.

4. Broadway Showstoppers | For Broadway | If you're a Broadway fan like I am then you'll love this fun Pandora station.

5.  Lady Antebellum Radio | For Country | I love Lady Antebellum!  I love listening to their Pandora station whenever I'm in the mood to jam out to some good ole country.  Perfect station to play in the car too! 

Are you a Pandora Radio fan?  What's your favorite station? 
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