Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I love flats, I wear them all time.  I am so short that I probably shouldn't wear them as much as I do, but they are just so versatile and comfortable.  I mean, really, do you expect me to march around the University of Florida campus in 4-inch wedges, I don't think so!  Since I two days a week this semester, flats are perfect to wear to the office.  They are comfortable enough that I can walk from my apartment to the office (all the way at the football stadium) and not be in terrible pain by the time I get there.  Now don't get me wrong, flats are not always the most comfortable footwear, they have no support.  But, they are classic and conservative, perfect for work.

I am absolutely in love with all the Kate Spade flats this season.  They have a variety of colors and I love the color-block style.  Kate Spade never stops making me love them more and more everyday.  But, if you can't afford the huge price-tag (which I cannot) Old Navy has some great alternatives.

I am also loving Brooks Brothers flats this season.  Aren't these yellow ones adorable?

What are your favorite shoes?

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