Monday, April 30, 2012

organize, me : finals.

When exams roll around I try to stay super organized to lower my stress level.  I make a lot of lists and double and triple check to make sure I study all the correct material.  Don't you just hate it when you get to an exam and the questions look completely different then you expected!?  We've all (well at least I've) had those times when we felt like we could've studies a little more... and the one part we didn't study was like 50% of the exam.  That's why I've gotten so OCD about list making and boy does it help!

Each week I make a list of the homework, readings and lectures that I need to complete.  When one is completed I highlight it.  On Sunday night or Monday I go through my list and see what I may not have had time to complete the week before and I make my new list.  I try to not let readings and online classes get piled up, but occasionally I let something fall out of my mind and get put off...

I use a Lilly Pulitzer notebook to write to-do lists and homework assignments in.

For exams I write down all the chapters, lectures and readings on the test and mark each one off when I have studied it.

Aren't these Lilly Pulitzer stickys just adorable? They make studying a little brighter.

How do you stay organized during finals?

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