Sunday, April 1, 2012

favorite beauty products.

I am certainly no expert on beauty products, but I do feel like I have tried enough different brands and products to have an idea of what I like. 

It's so hard to find nice makeup brushes that don't cost a million dollars, but I think the Estee Lauder brushes are a reasonable price and great quality.  Over winter break my Mom and I spent forever at Nordstrom trying to find a decent makeup brush for a pretty decent price and BAM there was the Estee Lauder counter. 

I have a crazy time trying to keep my face moisturized, but not too oily.  I love the Bobbi Brown hydrating face cream.  It works perfectly under makeup and has a little SPF too!  I love Bobbi Brown makeup too... pretty much everything Bobbi makes is wonderful!

As you probably already know, I love Philosophy! Their products are great and fun too.  I started using the purity face wash about a year ago and I love it!  It is very gentle, but cleanses well.

Aveeno and Jergens both make fabulous products! And the best part... they are sold at your local drugstores.  I love the new line of Aveeno shampoos and conditioners as well as pretty much every Aveeno product.  I love Jergens natural glow lotion because it gradually gives me a slight tan and moisturizes at the same time!

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