Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Graduation Gifts.

I cannot believe so many of my friends are graduating in less than a month.  It's so insane!  I feel like I'm still seventeen sometimes.  When did we get so old?  Old enough to have lives and jobs and get married... EEEK!  It's not possible!  I am so glad that I have an extra semester before the "real" world.

It has been four years since I was getting high school graduation presents and I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by.  It seems like yesterday.

Here are a few ideas for high school graduation presents.

1. Umbrella
It seems silly, but an umbrella is an essential for every college student.  At most universities students have to walk a pretty good distance so it is very important to have a good umbrella.  It's also nice to have a cute one.  Old Navy, Lilly Pulitzer, Vera Bradley and Urban Outfitters all have great (and adorable) umbrellas.

2. Vineyard Vines College Tote
It's always great to get college themed gifts for high school graduation.  Graduates are very excited about the next phase of their lives and get very excited about anything in their college colors or with their university logo or mascot on it.  I got a lot of orange and blue and Gator themed gifts for high school graduation and I still use them all today.

3. Kate Spade Spreading Good Cheer Letterpress Cards
Note cards are always a great gift for just about any occasion.  People always need to write thank you notes or letters to friends.  Note cards always come in handy and a new graduate can never have enough note cards.

4. Lacoste Monogrammed towels
Monogrammed towels are a great gift.  I got some for graduation and I still love them.  They are adorable and add a touch of style to what is typically a boring item.  They are also great for anyone who will be sharing a bathroom, so they won't get their towels mixed up with another persons.

What is the best gift you got for high school graduation?


  1. Such cute ideas! New follower, sweetie! Xx

  2. college themed gifts are best for Grad...because they are so excited they are very excited about the next phase of their life.
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