Tuesday, April 17, 2012

dress for the derby.

I love the Kentucky Derby.  I have never been, but would love, love, love to go one day.  When I was younger I road horses and since my Dad is from Kentucky... so it is only natural that I love the Derby.  Plus, who doesn't want to wear a beautiful dress and big hat!

If I was going to the Derby this year... I would wear one of these outfits. 

Isabel Dress | Monogrammed Marley Lilly Hat | Trellis Tote

Xanadu Shift Dress | Marley Lilly Hat | Kate Spade bag

J.McLaughlin Miranda Dress | Marley Lilly Hat | Bueno Straw Clutch

I wish Florida had a race that I could attend and wear one of these fun outfits.  But, sadly there aren't any close by.  I guess I will have to continue dreaming about the Derby for now.

Have you been to the Kentucky Derby or a related race?

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  1. Carolina Cup is our race that a bunch of us go to! It is so fun to get all dressed up! :) I love my ML hat!


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