Monday, July 2, 2012

preppy workout outfits.

I have to be truthful, I don't work out enough.  I always have good intentions, but I find excuse after excuse to not go to the gym.  Until recently!  This summer I decided I had no excuse... I had to start exercising.  So, I've been stretching, doing crunches and taking daily walks for thirty minutes or longer.  It's been great.  I even got a new pair of Nike shoes (it had been four years since my last new pair of tennis shoes!).

Since I've been working out a lot recently I thought I'd put together a few summer workout outfits.

Tennis Dress | New Balance Tennis Shoes | Kate Spade Tennis Bag

What is your favorite summer workout?


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  1. I love something for each look. I love the blue Nike, green top and tennis dress.


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