Wednesday, September 25, 2013

6 Monthly Box Subscriptions That Make Great Gifts

Whether you want to pamper yourself or a friend, monthly box subscriptions are a great way to give a gift that keeps on giving.  

(1) Umba Box | A fun assortment of handmade goods, the Umba Box can be shipped to your door for less than $30 a month.  The Umba Box contains one stand out item each month, such as a handmade colorblock clutch from Velle Purse and sometimes, if your lucky, a few standout items.  You can choose a variety of subscriptions - 3-month & month-to-month subscriptions for $25 each (plus $5 shipping); 6-month subscriptions $25 each (shipping free); 12-month subscription $23 each (shipping free).

(2) Love With Food | Love With Food fills your mailbox with hard-to-find gourmet goodies packed in themed boxes.  But they also have a larger mission, to fill food banks across the country with meals for those in need... who doesn't want to contribute to that & get yummy treats shipped to your doorstep?  Each subscription is $10 per month for 3-month plans (shipping $2), 6-month plans (shipping $1), or 12-month plans (free shipping).

(3) Birch Box | A very popular box is Birch Box.  It is one of the less expensive, yet still very fun boxes!  Since it is only $10 a month it can be hit-or-miss, they claim to give you deluxe samples, but sometimes you may only get foil packet samples.

(4) Craft Coffee | If you're looking for a gift for your favorite coffee lover, a Craft Coffee subscription is the perfect happy surprise in their mailbox.  It will be an instant pick-me-up!  With monthly coffee samples from micro-roasters & boutique coffee companies such as Portland's Coava Coffee Roasters, Miami's Panther Coffee, and others this box is fabulous for any caffeine addict.  A Craft Coffee subscription is $25 per month for a 3-month subscription, $22.50 per month for 6-months, & $20 per month for annual plans; shipping is free!

(5) Bark Box | Pet lovers rejoice!  There is a box for you too.  The Bark Box allows you to spoil your pooch while you help save another.  Bark Box donates 10% off all their sales to local animal reuse facilities.  Each box contains at least four items for your pup and can be anything from food samples to shampoos and leashes.  The items are usually from small businesses that cannot be found in big name pet stores.  You can pamper your pooch for $25 a month (free shipping!).

(6) Julep Maven | If you love having perfectly polished nails, Julep Maven is the subscription for you.  Each month a new collection of colors & nail treatments will be shipped to your door.  A single bottle of Julep Maven polish retails for $14, but you can get a whole collection at your door for $20.  However, if you tend to stick to the same colors all the time, this is not the box for you.

Have you tried any fun box subscriptions?


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  1. I think this monthly subscription trend is so cool. I've been considering doing like JewelMint for a while now.

    1. AHHH! I'll have to check that one out. I haven't decided which one to try, but I think getting a monthly treat in the mail would really brighten my day.

  2. That is SUCH a good gift idea! I secretly always wished I would get magazine subscriptions as gifts growing up, but these would be even better!

  3. Great roundup! You should check out VelvetCrate too for one-time gifting needs. We curate beautiful gift collections for her.


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