Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pinterest: bedrooms

I am in love with Pinterest and have posted about it a few times.  It's a great time-wasting site, but also very useful if you let it... You can find yummy recipes, interior design tips and ideas and a lot of adorable fashion trends.  If you're not on Pinterst, don't join during finals, you seriously won't get any studying done!

One of my recent obsessions on Pinterest is looking at bedroom design ideas.  Here are a few of my favorite.

I love this neutral bedroom.  Isn't it so chic and grown-up?  Perfect for a life post-college or a guest room.

My bedroom at home is green and blue, so naturally I am in love with this turquoise and white look.  This is a youthful yet sophisticated look for a bedroom.

How could you not love this room if you're were a kid?  This is so adorable and super fun!

I love the high ceilings and chandeliers in this bedroom.  Wouldn't you just love waking up to a room this beautiful?

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How do you use Pinterest? 

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