Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

Set your alarms, calendar reminders and write it on a post-it.... Starting at 8AM tomorrow a HUGE Lilly Pulitzer sale!!!! You do not want to miss this.  Items go fast (and based on experience, the site may get backed up), so get on their website early! 

Check out a few tips from the Lilly blog:
1) Create an account beforehand HERE. You’ll enter your name, email and shipping information. Be sure to enter a valid US shipping address that can accept packages for up to 2-3 weeks after the sale. Please doubt (and triple!) check all of your personal info.
2) Use your desktop computer if you can: spread the word… computer to shop… photo to text, tweet and snap all of your friends your new Lilly.
3) Checkout often: Just because an item is in your tote does not mean it is reserved. You must completely check-out and pay before the product is
unavailable to other shoppers. Due to high volumes of orders, inventory availability is not guaranteed. Shipping is totally free, so checkout often to get your goodies!

Social Media FLASH Sales:
Everyday of the sale (Monday-Wednesday), we’ll have three items that you can only get through a link on Facebook or Instagram at 11 AM EST. These go FAST so be ready to click at 11 AM EST. Do yourself a favor and follow Lilly Pulitzer on Facebook Instagram now.


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