Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Straight Hair Routine

I have finally gotten into a good routine when it comes to wearing my hair straight.  Naturally my hair is extremely wavy... borderline curly, so it's much easier to wear my hair curly (the way it naturally wants to be). Well, the grass is always greener... I love wearing my hair straight.  So here is what I do.

1.  After my morning shower I put my hair up in a Turbie Twist.  I swear by these things.  I love how my hair stays neatly in the towel while I make my bed, read morning e-mails, drink coffee and pick out my outfit of the day.  The Turbie Twist makes my life so much easier!

2.  Once I am ready to blow out my hair I brush it to get all the tangles out.  Then I put a squeeze of Rusk STR8 Anti Frizz, Anti Curl Lotion in my hair and brush it through once more.

3.  I take a clip and separate my hair into sections to blow dry it.  As I blow dry each section, I brush through it to keep it straight.  I repeat this process with each section of hair until my hair is about 95% dry.

4.  Once my hair is almost dry I flip my head over to finish blow drying it.  This helps ensure that my hair is not too flat on top (I despise hair that is flat to my head).

5.  After my hair is completely dry, I brush through it one last time before straightening it.  At this point my hair is about 80% straight, so I do not have to do much straightening which makes this step pretty quick.

I hope all of that made sense.  

Do you straighten your hair each morning?


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