Wednesday, March 21, 2012

summer chinos.

It's officially spring! Which means, it's time to pull out those shorts and sundresses.  Not that I ever really put mine away in Florida! Since today is the first official day of spring, I can feel better about wearing all my spring and summer clothes and can forget about the fact that Florida didn't really have a winter.

During spring break I took most of my winter clothes home and traded them out for some shorts and capris.  I pretty much have to live in shorts this time of year, it is just too dang warm outside!

J.Crew carries chinos in a variety of lengths and colors, so they're great for pretty much everybody.  I have a few in the 3-inch style, but I think they are a little too short for some occasions.  My favorite lengths are the 4-inch and 5-inch styles.  I think these lengths are perfect to wear to class, the mall or lunch with friends.  The 7-inch style is great too and perfect to pair with a longer top or tunic.  Since it's so hot walking to class everyday, I pretty much have to wear shorts, but I tend to get cold inside my classes, so the 7-inch shorts are great for helping me to stay a little bit warmer in class!  I also like that they cover my bright-white legs a little more than other shorts. haha!

I love these bright J.Crew chinos.

Are you guys as obsessed as I am with chinos?

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