Saturday, March 17, 2012


Since today is St. Patty's day I figured I would talk about my favorite green items that I have found recently.  I personally don't have a lot of green in my wardrobe.  I have a few dresses and skirts that have green on them, but overall I don't have many green items in my closet.  This is for no particular reason.  In fact, I love green.  If it's the right shade for your skin tone than I think green is a beautiful color to wear.  I love bright emerald green or lime green for the spring and summer and dark forest green is a great option of winter.  Although, I tend to worry about looking like a Christmas tree if I wear green during December...  But, I do think green, when paired with the right outfit, can be a great color to wear to many occasions.

J.Crew Villa dress

J.Crew toothpick jean

Vineyard Vine's classic twill short

Kate Spade Happy Go Lucky idiom bangle

Kate Spade gumdrop studs

Don't forget to wear green today or you might get pinched! :)

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