Friday, September 23, 2011

two weeks.

In two weeks I'll be in Baton Rouge, LA for the UF v. LSU game.  I am so excited! I have never been to an away game, well a normal one...I have been to the SEC Championship in Atlanta, GA and the National Championship in Miami, FL.  But, this will be a totally different experience.  At a championship game for the most part the schools get the same number of tickets.  Some sponsors and other people get tickets, but in general the two school have equal opportunity for fans to attend.  During this game Florida will be out number by A LOT!  This will give me a chance to observe the culture and traditions of another SEC university.  I am so excited!
Not only am I super excited for the game, but I also get to meet my new cousin Smith.  I cannot wait to finally meet him.  He was born on August 3 in Houston, TX to my cousin Pete and his wife Niki.  I kinda met him on Skype, but I am very anxious to finally see the little bugger in person and hold him.  He is so cute!

Me with MC and Niki in 2007 at Niki's bridesmaids brunch.
I'm excited I get to see them both soon.

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  1. LSU/UF game will be very fun! I am your newest follower!


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