Wednesday, September 14, 2011

new kate spade campaign featuring...

Bryce Dallas Howard!

I absolutely love Bryce Dallas Howard.  She is the perfect person to be featured in the new Fall Kate Spade campaign.  She was the girl you loved to hate in The Help and boy did I hate her in that film.  She was such a...well I'd rather not say what I really feel, but you get the idea, her character was horrible.  But, that is exactly what her character was supposed to be.  The one good thing about her character however, she dressed in the most adorable Kate Spade-ish clothes.  She was the perfect 1960s Jackson, Mississippi Junior Leaguer.  This is not the first time Bryce Dallas Howard has been featured in a Kate Spade campaign...but now that The Help has been the number one movie in the country for weeks her name is a lot more recognizable.  BDH is so cute and I love how Kate Spade embraces her pale skin and red hair (unlike many other brands which would never feature someone who hasn't been to the tanning bed).

I love this dress and the colorful bags! I wish I had a bike so I could look that cute riding around campus.  Although, realistically I know that would never happen even if I had this exact combo.

I wish I could pull off yellow.  Unfortunately it is not one of my colors.  But, if it was I would defiantly want that adorable jacket!  Also those pink cap-toe flats are soooo cute! I wish I had gotten them, but they sold out so fast.

Adorable fall clothes.  I wish I could start wearing some fall clothes, however the 90 degree weather keeps preventing me from wearing these adorable clothes.

BDH looking very chic in this black and white suit.

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