Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Dancing with the Starts started last night! 

At first I wasn't very excited about the Season 13 cast, but last night was just as entertaining as the previous seasons.  I do not consider myself a die-hard fan of DWTS, but I record the episodes and watch it when I get free time during the week.  TV relaxes me because it is one time during the day when I can just veg-out and not think about all the stuff I have going on with school.

What is your opinion of this seasons cast?

I thought Kristen Cavalary did a good job and Rob Kardashian was pretty good too.  I'm not a huge fan of Nancy Grace in general (all she does is stir-up trouble) and Chaz Bono is defiantly going to make it through for a few weeks simply because he has so many supporters since he is a controversial choice for the show.  Also, I kinda loved Carson Kressley, (who for whatever reason is not in the photo above) he was so energetic and funny during his dance!

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