Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lilly for the Home

I absolutely love the new Lilly Pulitzer furniture.  It so adorable!  I'm not sure I would want my entire house to be Lilly, but I do think a bedroom in Lilly would be so cute! Or if I was lucky enough to have a beach house, Lilly furniture would be perfect for that.

Unfortunately as much as I love the Lilly furniture line I am unable to afford it.  But, it's still fun to look at!!!

I am in love with this room! Teal blue is one of my favorite colors.  I love the blue and green in the bedding and of course the Lilly chair in the corner.

This living room might be a little too floral for some, but I think it's just the right amount.  Yellow is a great color for a room, it is bright yet subtle enough for a main area of the home.

To me this room does not scream Lilly at all, which is its charm.  It is classic and preppy without all the bright Lilly floral prints.  I also love the exposed brick walls!!! So cute!

This room is beyond perfect for a beach house! Blue and white are one of my favorite color combos.  It's so classic and cute!  I love the bright blue wall and the natural light let in through the huge windows! This is a perfect room to sit and read while looking out over the ocean.

Holy Lilly dining room! I don't think there are many people would could live with a bright pink dining room.  I love it! But, I don't think I would choose pink for a dining room.  I think this wall paper would be better in a bedroom, bathroom or miscellaneous room.  However I do love the large dining table and variety of seating around it.

I'm not sure how practical this chair is, but it sure is cool!  Also a perfect accent for a beach house or fun all-purpose room.

I love this chair! Orange and white is another one of my favorite color combos.  But, I'm not sure how comfortable this style chair would might be just for looks.

There are many more pieces in the Lilly collection!  I wish I could buy it all.

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