Friday, June 21, 2013

A Look Back at Prince William's Royal Debut

With the #GreatKateWait in full swing, Royal Baby buzz is really kicking into high gear.  The most anticipated birth in my lifetime should happen sometime in the middle of July, reports say.  Bookies are already taking bets on everything from the date the little Prince or Princess will be born to what his or her first words will be.  Can you imagine the pressure Kate must be feeling knowing the whole world is waiting in anticipation of her first born child?

In honor of Prince William's 31st Birthday today, I thought I would take a look back at his birth and debut to the world.

Prince William was the first Royal to be born in a hospital, his son or daughter will be born in the same hospital, Saint Mary's.  Kate and William will introduce their baby to the world in a similar fashion as his parents, but we do not know if the name of the child will be announced that day or at a later date (which is typical for the Royal Family).

What do you think Duchess Catherine and Prince William will wear to introduce their first born to the world?  Will you be watching?


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