Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School : tips for getting into the swing of things

It is now the second full week of classes and I am starting to feel like I am getting into my routine, although Labor Day did throw me off a little.  I love setting a routine and sticking to it as much as possible.  I think routines make life so much easier and really help you to stay on top of things, don't you agree?  I try to wake up early, even on days when I don't have class, so that I can have plenty of time to work on homework, blogging and any other work I have during the day.  This allows me to attend club meetings, watch television and hang out with friends at night.

1. Organize your notebooks | I like to start each semester with freshly organized notebooks and binders.  I tend to wait until I get to class to decide how to best organize my materials for the semester.  If the class is very note heavy I tend to bring my laptop to take notes, so I organize with three-ring binders.  If the class is math related or discussion based I tend to use spiral notebooks to take notes, since there isn't as much writing.

2. Write all important dates in your planner | I love writing in a fresh new planner at the beginning of the year.  I know, I'm a nerd.  But, I think writing in my planner is so much fun!  It's even better this year, since Lilly Pulitzer has come out with fun academic stickers.

3.  Print all syllabi & important papers from each class | It is crucial to make sure you organize and print all the necessary papers for the semester if your professors don't hand them out in class.  This really helps you to understand what your responsibilities are for the semester. 

4.  Highlight important things to remember | Highlight, highlight, highlight!  I always start each semester by going through my syllabi and highlighting all important dates (i.e. exams, papers, projects) and other information to remember (i.e. office hours, attendance policies, etc.).

5. Organize your space | I think it is crucial to start each semester with a freshly cleaned and organized room.  If you're moving into a new apartment or dorm this is simple, just make sure you're totally unpacked by the first day of classes.  Being organized in time for your first class will reduce your stress level and make waking up each morning for class much easier.  If I have an early class I try to organize all my papers and materials the night before so I won't forget anything when rushing around in the morning.

How do you start off each semester? 



  1. Love your tips! I agree, a set routine is the way to go! With studying, blogging, and so many other responsibilities, being routine is a must :)

    -Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

  2. Thanks for your usefull tips !
    My school doesn't start untill the 17th september.



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