Wednesday, June 6, 2012

rock & royalty.

 Concert for the Queen


Monday night the Royal Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II was celebrated with a star-studded concert.  Performers spanned from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber to  I was a little surprised at the selection of performers, I know some of the outfits must have caused the Queen to raise an eyebrow... I'm sure some of them were a bit racy!  But, I know the royal family is trying to keep up with the times, so I'm sure they wanted to choose some "hip" new musicians.

The entire royal family was in attendance, except for Prince Phillip who, unfortunately, was in hospital with a bladder infection.  Prince Philip was greatly missed by his wife, HRH Queen Elizabeth II, and his children and grandchildren.  His son, Prince Charles mentioned this father's absence and the crowded attended to cheer loud enough for Prince Philip to hear them in hospital.

Princess Catherine, Prince William & Prince Harry enjoyed the Diamond Jubilee concert on Monday night in London, England.

I love seeing the younger royals having such a fun time at the concert.

Princess Catherine's hair looks wonderful (as usual!) and I love her choice of a blue dress.

Prince William & Prince Harry look like they had a blast at the concert honoring their grandmother.

Here is a better view of Princess Catherine's blue dress at the concert

Will.I.Am performed at the concert with Jessie J.

Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber

Sir Elton John

HM The Queen with her son Prince Charles

After the concert the Queen lit the final Diamond Jubilee Beacon and then a fabulous firework show took place

Did you watch the concert on television? 

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