Friday, June 29, 2012

organize, me : desk.

Summer school is over and I finally get a summer break!  But, before I left my apartment for two months I cleaned out my desk and re-organized everything.  It felt so good to be organized again.  I hate feeling like my room is cluttered.

I organized all my old notes into binders and recycled the ones I no longer needed.  I tested all my pens and tossed the ones that did not work.



As you can see my desk was a huge mess, I never cleaned it out at the end of the spring semester and it was driving me insane!

I use this blue canvas zip box to hold my textbooks and notebooks during the semester.

My desk doesn't have a lot of storage space, so I use this four drawer plastic storage container to hold miscellaneous things like paper, chargers, and flash cards.

One drawer holds all my paper and flash cards so they're always on hand when I'm studying or working.

I use this drawer to hold extra school supplies like dividers, notebooks and printer ink.

The top drawer holds all my random school supplies like my 3-hole-punch, pencil sharpener and calculators.  It's important to have them within reach when working.

Here is a view inside the top left drawer of my desk.

Here is a view of the top right drawer.

It was so nice to organize all my pens and clean-out the ones that no longer work.  The top drawer holds all my colored sharpies, the middle drawer holds pens and pencils and the bottom drawer holds random things like stamps and erasers. 


How do you keep your desk organized?

- KD


  1. I don't. That's the problem! But it's on tap for next week... I just bought some storage boxes and am getting ready to do a big clean out of our office.

    Enjoy your break! I'm loving ours!

  2. lookin good! great job! i need to organize our closets- my fiance has made quite the mess out of them :) have a good weekend!


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