Thursday, June 28, 2012


A few summers ago my mom and I went to Mississippi to stay with my aunt for a little while, while she was going through breast cancer treatment.  It was so scary to hear that she was going to have a double mastectomy...  Luckily everything went well and she's doing great now!

While in Mississippi we went to this adorable boutique {mentioned here} where we found this fabulous Dogeared monkey necklace.  I got one for me and one for my aunt to make her smile and remind her that everything was going to be okay.  She kept the necklace with her during all of her treatments and took it to the hospital on the day of her surgery.  She said I was her "Monkey Twin" and I was so happy that she had something fun to help take her mind off being in the hospital.  Every time I wear this necklace I think of her and it brings a smile to my face.

I love the message on this one...
Make a wish & put on your necklace.  You deserve three cheers!  This accomplishment is only one of many.  Wear your necklace as a reminder of how far you've come! Celebrate!

Dogeared jewelry is so great because they all have great messages to go with the jewelry.  On a daily basis I don't like to wear necklaces that are too big, so these necklaces are perfect.

These necklaces are perfect gifts for all occasions.  From graduation to bridesmaid gifts there is a Dogeared necklace that is perfect for just about every occasion. 

What's your favorite Dogeared necklace?



  1. ahhh I need the feather and the bow!

  2. Love these! I got the cross last year for Christmas. It is so delicate and feminine!


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