Monday, January 17, 2011

my wishlist.



Two of my favorite stores are J.Crew and Kate Spade.  Both are so classic.  Even if you spend a lot of money on an item, it is worth it.  These stores are timeless and you always know that you are getting your moneys worth.  

1. J.Crew Forever Cotton Cardigan in Smoldering Brick...the perfect sweater for a pleasant fall day or even layered during the winter.
2. J.Crew Pixie Pant - perfect for a lazy day or even where it out with a cute top and boots or flats.
3. Leggings are essential to any wardrobe.  Leggings are perfect for winter, fall, and spring.  They can be worn under as an extra layer or by themselves as comfy pants.
4. J.Crew Sequin Sweatshirt - perfect with leggings, the pixie pant, or jeans.  This is a great way to be comfy and cute.
5. The Kate Spade date night solid ring is the perfect accent piece for any girl who wants to add some color to her outfit or just wants to have a fun piece of jewelry around.
6. The Kate Spade Intarsia Bow Cardigan is cute yet simple.  Perfect for a fun night out with friends or even a day at the office.
7. The Kate Spade Karolina heel is a classic shoe, perfect for many occasions. 

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  1. Those are all adorable but I really love the Kate Spade Cardigan!!


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