Sunday, January 30, 2011


Over the weekend I went home and went to Pig Fest, a yearly BBQ competition.  It was a blast! Ever since I first went a few years ago, I am obsessed.  People come from all over the country to compete. 

I love pulled pork sandwiches and ribs.  Every year I walk around and try all kinds of food and barbecue sauce.  On Friday night my parents and I were hospitality judges.  We went to four booths and ate some yummy food and looked at some well decorated tents.  Two of our favorites were "Heath & Joe", two local firemen who enjoy cooking BBQ, and "Big Boca Q", a few of our friends who compete every year (so we're a little biased).  After we finished judging they had a VIP party where we ate even more delicious food from Texas Cattle Co., Bone Fish, Publix, and so much more. On Saturday I helped the Junior League and Pig Fest committee count "pig bucks" and distribute them to various stations around Tiger Town.  It was crazy how many people came this year. 

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