Wednesday, December 10, 2014

10 Gifts for Coworkers

You spend more time with your coworkers than just about anybody.  Countless hours of hard work, stress and of course fun!  Your coworkers know as much about you as some of your closest friends and if you're lucky, your coworkers become your closest friends.  They know your coffee order, your favorite lunch time spots, go-to office supplies and even your bad habits (after all, we all have habits we could break!).  So treat your coworkers to a nice surprise this holiday season (if your officemates exchange gifts of course).

This year my office is doing a White Elephant gift exchange, but if your office exchanges holiday gifts here are 10 fun treats for your coworkers! 

Bow Push Pins // Appointment Calendar // Smart Phone Dock // Candle // Acrylic Stapler
Magazine Holder // Monogrammed Mug // Notebook // Pencil Pouch // Monogrammed iPhone Case

Does your office exchange gifts?


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