Monday, December 30, 2013

A Look Back at 2013 in My Life

At the end of 2012 (check out my 2012 favorites!) I graduated from the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications (a few grad pics).  I loved attending the University of Florida and returning to my birthplace of Gainesville, Florida for 4.5 years.  Gainesville is truly my second home.  Upon returning to Lakeland after graduation I began searching for my first job.  

My search led me to the Lakeland Economic Development Council (LEDC), where I began blogging part-time for their blog,  YLakeland and the LEDC taught me a great deal about my hometown and the benefits it offers young people.  

I joined the local young professionals group, EMERGE Lakeland, where I participated in their spring peer-to-peer mentor program.  As a member of EMERGE Lakeland, I have met a great group of young professionals and learned more and more about the community where I grew up.  

In addition to blogging for YLakeland, I began interning for the first Florida Ice Cream Festival.  As their PR/Marketing Intern, I wrote press releases, managed social media and even gave my first radio interview.  Doing PR for the event gave me great experiences and taught me a lot about how different agency life is compared to event marketing.  I really enjoyed working with the first Florida Ice Cream Festival and even got to meet a few championship eaters who came to our World Ice Cream Eating Championship.

After spending a few months with the LEDC and the Florida Ice Cream Festival, I began interning with a local marketing firm.  This firm gave me many opportunities as a new grad to learn and test out the waters of the marketing industry in Central Florida.  I was able to really get my feet wet and add many skills to my resume.  I continued to search for full-time jobs, go to interviews and explore all the opportunities available in advertising and PR.  

After 9 months as a marketing intern, I began my first full-time post-grad job in November.  I work for a full-service marketing firm that works with companies all over the country.  So far I am loving full-time agency life.  Although the first two months have been a bit hectic (giving me less time for blogging), I am so happy I ended up where I am and cannot wait to share more details in the future. 

Happy New Year! 


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