Sunday, November 13, 2011


I should not have joined.  It is addicting!  I cannot afford to be addicted to anymore non-school related sites.  I already read too many blogs and spend way too much time on Facebook and Twitter.  Why did my friends have to join and tell me to join with them?! WHY?!

Well, now that I've vented about how it is a waist of time.  I have to admit I kinda love it.  It is the perfect mix of all the things I love.  Fashion.  Hair.  Interior Design.  Cooking.  Holidays.  Inspirational Quotes.  Pinterest has it all.  If you have not given into the peer-pressure and joined the site, I commend you.  It is extremely addictive and I'm sure that like me, you guys do not need any other time-wasting sites to help you procrastinate studying and doing homework.  


Thanksgiving is coming up and most of us have a few days off of school or work.


If you are bored and want to fill your time with Pinterest.  I promise you'll get caught up in some of the amazing things you can find on their and you might even find a new craft or recipe to try during your days off.  It actually is a lot of fun! 

Here are few of my favorite discoveries on Pinterest.

Aren't these Turkey Pinwheels just adorable for Thanksgiving?
 I might have to make them over break. So cute!

Yummy turkey sugar cookies.  Adorable!

Cookie bowls.  Such a great idea.

I am obsessed with organization.  So much that it's actually a flaw.  I spend so much time organizing sometimes that I don't spend enough time doing what I need to do like read or study.  But, this craft Armour would make me so happy.  I am thinking about turning an Armour that I have at home into this amazing craft center.

Power-strip basket.  This would be perfect for my Moms desk, so this is probably going to be another project over the break.

Please don't kill me if this post causes you to become addicted to Pinterest.


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