Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Apps That Will Save You Time & Money

I am all about utilizing technology whenever you can.  Like most people, I take my iPhone with me everywhere I go.  I use it for work, socializing, shopping and blogging.  Technology can really help you simplify your life and now a days it can also help you save money.  Loyalty programs are nothing new, but with technology they are a heck of a lot easier to keep up with and benefit from.

Starbucks | If you are a regular Starbucks drinker and do not use the app or Gold Card, you are missing out on major benefits!  The Starbucks app allows users to easily wrack up gold stars and earn free coffee or food... and who doesn't love FREE coffee?  For every twelve gold stars you earn at Starbucks, you will receive a free coffee or treat (this even includes a Venti!).  The app also allows you to manage gift cards, keep up with your Gold Card balance and rewards, reload your cards, pay within the app and receive free daily downloads! Wow! The benefits from this FREE app are huge! I have found some pretty cool apps through the free daily downloads from Starbucks.

Target Cartwheel | Okay, I don't know how I just found out about this little joy, but my cashier at Target the other day let me in on this little secret.  Target Cartwheel will help you save BIG! I downloaded the app while standing in line and saved 25% off all women's apparel.  This saved me over $20 on my recent trip to Target… and they have deals on all kinds of items all the time.  It's so simple… take a picture of the barcode on the item you want to purchase and Cartwheel will scan their system for any deals!  It's so simple.  Spending an extra few seconds looking up each item you want to purchase will save you tons of cash in the long run.  Super simple and helpful!

Walgreens | Locate a store, print photos, find deals, refill a prescription… the Walgreens app let's you do just about anything you could ever need to do at Walgreens.  Not only does this app help you save money with the Balance Rewards program, but it will help you save tons of time when filling prescription.  Simply scan the barcode on your prescription and the app will do the rest.  Plus it will remind you to pick it up at your local pharmacy.  Oh and you can look up daily deals too.  So if you use Walgreens, what are you waiting for? Go download this app today!

Publix | Who doesn't love shopping at Publix, and the Publix mobile app makes shopping a breeze!  Create your weekly shopping list, look up weekly deals, order online and get yummy recipes.  I love ordering subs and picking them up right in the deli.  It makes lunch time orders so much quicker! Managing your weekly shopping list makes grocery shopping quick and organized.  Have you tried the Publix app?

Banana Republic | Shop Banana Republic from the palm of your hand.  Browse the latest arrivals from BR, scan product barcodes in-store to find alternative sizes or colors and email products you like to yourself or friends.  What could be better than one of your favorite stores in your pocket?

Fandango | Check the latest movie times, browse movie information and purchase tickets.  Fandango makes going to the movies simple.  Purchase your tickets and easily pick up at the kiosk!  Save yourself the hassle of standing in line and just go right in.  It's that simple.  

What are your favorite money & time saving phone apps? 


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  1. Hey Katherine,

    I LOVE my Starbucks and Publix apps! (By the way, Starbucks really knows what they're doing in the mobile app arena. I'm constantly saying "Brilliant!" to just about everything the brand does. What is your opinion?) I ALSO love collecting my gold stars :). (Ah, freebies!)

    Thanks for the Cartwheel tip. I'm aware of the app because I worked with a group a few months back to do an analysis of Target's social media efforts, but I haven't yet give the app a shot. However, I'll be headed to Target to do a little shopping later this week, and so I'll definitely give it a download. Thanks for the savings tip!


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