Thursday, May 29, 2014

Girl Meets World Preview

Last weekend I watched the first episode of the new Disney Channel series, Girl Meets World.  Girl Meets World is the much anticipated follow up series to the popular 90's sitcom, Boy Meets World!

Watch the Girl Meets World Preview here:

The series follows the day-to-day life of Cory and Topanga Matthews' daughter Riley played by Rowan Blancahrd (who I am sure will be the next Disney star... but, hopefully Ben & Danielle's influence will help keep her from becoming the next Miley Cyrus).  The show picks up just about 12 years after Boy Meets World ended in 2000.  Cory and Topanga are still married and living in New York, where they moved in the final episode of Boy Meets World.  Cory is a middle school history teacher and Topanga is a lawyer (just like BMW fans would expect).

When I watched the first episode of GMW over the weekend, I immediately fell in love with it!  I had high hopes going in... I mean, the amount of actors/producers/directors/writers/etc from BMW that signed on to do GMW means it has to be AMAZING!  Michael Jacobs, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel were enough to hook me.  While I must admit this show has a bit of Disney in it, BMW fans must keep in mind that this show is aimed at a very young audience (as BMW was when it first aired).  After all, the first season of GMW is entitled "Middle School".

My plea to all Boy Meets World fans who may be skeptical of Girl Meets World is to give it a chance. Most series pilot episode is not very good.  Characters need time to develop and actors are still trying to get into the groove of their characters.  But, I think this series has a similar feel of the first few seasons of BMW.  I have faith that this show will only get better with time and I cannot wait to see all the guest appearances to come!

Have you watched the first episode of Girl Meets World yet?


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