Monday, April 29, 2013

April Showers!

1. Kate Spade Umbrella | How fabulous is this Kate Spade umbrella? With this stylish accessory above your head you can't be too upset with Mother Nature.  Having a fun umbrella to cover my head on a stormy day almost makes me wish for rain.

2. Petit Bateau Raincoat | In Florida I am always in need of a light jacket to keep me warm and dry on a stormy afternoon.  You can never be quite sure when a quick Florida storm will pop out of nowhere so you must always be prepared!  This raincoat is a great go-to jacket to through in your purse as your running out the door to class or work.

3. Jack Rogers Georgia Jelly Sandal | During the summer Florida can be very warm, but you don't want to get caught in a summer shower wearing your nice white Jack's!  These Jack Rogers jelly sandals are stylish and perfect for a day with a questionable forecast. 

4. Joules Rain Boot | It is always important to have a good stylish pair of rain boots in your wardrobe.  Particularly if you have to walk a ways to class or work.  I speak from experience... walking across a college campus during a torrential downpour is not fun! 

5. Longchamp Medium Tote | I cannot say enough times how reliable Longchamp bags are.  Whether it's to tote your books to and from class or to carry all your must-have belongings from day-to-day, Longchamp bags are great for any occasion.  Plus they won't get ruined if you get caught in a storm.

6. Modcloth Ring Holder | How much fun is this ring holder from Modcloth?  It is the perfect thing to keep all your rings together in one safe place.

What is your go-to rainy day gear? 


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