Thursday, August 9, 2012

Five Things I'm Loving for Fall

I am not ready for summer to be over, however I am ready for the hot weather to be over (not that it will be anytime soon).  But, since all the stores are starting to put out all their new fall clothes and accessories I thought I would put together a list of five things I'm loving right now for the upcoming season.

1. Kate Spade iPad folio | I am dying to get a new iPad cover.  The one I have been using for the past year is the Apple smart cover, which is practical, but not very cute.  I like the fact that it snaps onto the side of my iPad and turns it on/off when I open/close it, but I would love to get a more stylish case.  I have had my eye on a leather Tory Burch case for a while, but think they are way too expensive, so I am thinking about opting for the slightly cheaper Kate Spade version.

2.  J.Crew Factory Stripe Tee | I love stripes.  I only own a few striped shirts, but I wear them all the time!  I really need to stock up on some more for the fall.  This is a perfect shirt for class or a day of studying at the library... comfy and cute!

3.  Kate Spade Cooper watch | For the past couple of years I have worn a watch almost everyday.  I hate having to always check my phone to know what time it is, especially if I'm in class, so wearing a watch is perfect.  Plus it's a cute accessory.  When the Kate Spade watches came out a few months ago I fell in love and have been wanting one ever since.  But, couldn't choose my favorite... But, I think I have landed on the Cooper watch!  It's classic and goes with everything so it's the perfect investment.
4.  J.Crew classic leather ballet flats | I have been eying these J.Crew ballet flats for months.  They are a great year-round flat and are a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise dull outfit.  I love ballet flats because they transition perfect from casual to professional and from summer to winter.

5.  J.Crew Bubble necklace | Has anyone else in love with this necklace? I love statement necklaces.  A colorful statement necklace is the perfect way to add sparkle and color to any outfit and is an easy way to dress up a casual outfit.

What are you loving for fall?


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  1. couldn't agree more with your picks! I'll take one of each please!


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