Thursday, August 4, 2011

Channy Chan Man!

Happy 21st Birthday Chandler!

Today is one of my very best friends in the entire world's birthday.  Chandler Holmes is finally 21! He is one of the last of my good friends to turn 21 and it's about time he did.  Chandler is like my brother.  At times we fight like brother and sister, but in the end we will always be friends.  He lives in the same apartment complex as I do (so we see each other all the time) and we often spend many hours trying to keep each other focused at the UF library.  Freshman year Chandler went to school back home, but we would spend hours on the phone talking about life and politics, but of course he would visit all the time!

This summer Chandler and Sam (Chandler's girlfriend and one of my very best friends since elementary school) are at semester at sea.  Semester at Sea is a study abroad program through the University of Virginia where students live on a ship and travel around the world stopping at many countries along the way.  Chandler and Sam started their voyage in the Bahamas, but have been traveling through Europe since June.  They have gone so many places (I am incredibly jealous!).  Although, I spent a month in Italy and know that I am truly blessed for that opportunity...Sam and Chan went to Greece and Morocco on their journey...two places I desperately want to visit.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of my bestest friend Chan-Chan!
Oh My! We look so young.  This picture is from Senior year...when Chandler and I forked Sam's yard.
Senior year (with Lindsay Moats) spirit week!

Senior prom trying to reenact a picture from 8th Grade of us holding Chandler.
Chandler & I at his Christmas party in 2009.

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