Friday, May 13, 2011

Italia: Day at Capri

This morning we woke up early and took a boat ride to Capri.
Capri is a beautiful island off the coast of Sorrento, Italy.
Capri is beautiful, so far I think it's my favorite place that we have visited.  The water is so blue and clear.  We took a group boat tour around the island.  During the tour we saw the entrance to the blue grotto or La Grotta Azzurra in Italian.  It is 25 euro to take a boat ride into the grotto and tourists sometimes wait up to three hours to get inside.  The entrance is very small so visitors must lay down on the bottom of a canoe to fit through the entrance.  A few people went into the grotto while we were visiting the island, but the majority of the group stayed on Capri and toured the city.  After our boat tour around the island we took mini buses up to Anacapri, the top area of the island.  The roads are very narrow so only one vehicle can drive at a time.  Our bus driver drove extremely fast and the roads were very windy.  A few times we had to come to a sudden stop to allow another vehicle to pass us...the roads were not big enough for two cars and the side of the cliff was right next to was extremely nerve racking!  Sixteen people fit in each bus, I rode in the same bus as all of the professors and boy did we bond during that ride!  It was like a roller-coaster, but without the peace of mind that this ride has been through multiple safety tests and regulated by the government.  Anything could happen...our tour guide declined to comment when she was asked if everyone made it to the top.  Luckily, we all survived...barely! Kissing the ground (literally) when we got to the top.
When we got to Anacapri most people payed 10 euro to take a chairlift to the top of the mountain.  I declined to participate because the crazy ride had given me quite a headache.  Instead Kim (my roomie) and I walked around and got a plate of Penni Pomodoro.  When everyone had taken their turn up to the top of the mountain to experience the fabulous view we all took the buses back down the mountain to hangout in Capri for the afternoon.
I spent the afternoon walking around with Tiffany Oscher, Emily Burris, Dani Palmer, Morgan Walsh, and Tricia Johns.

Can you tell I loved Capri? haha!
Group on boat tour of Capri.
Morgan, Dani & I on the boat during our tour of Capri, Italy.
One of my favorite pictures from my day at Capri.
Emily & I on the boat tour of Capri.

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