Thursday, October 4, 2012

singing in the rain

A few weeks ago I was walking to class and a torrential-downpour started.  I was wearing shorts and flip-flops... not at all appropriate for the kind of weather we were having that day!  Luckily, I did remember my umbrella, although that didn't help much...  By the time I got to class I was completely soaked (and so was everything in my backpack). This was a clear reminder to me to make sure to check the hour-by-hour forecast before getting dressed in the morning and to dress accordingly.  

I always have a hard time putting together cute rainy-day looks.  I tend to stick with jeans, a jacket and rain boots, which doesn't work if I have to go to work (or if it's really muggy and hot outside).  Do you have this problem? 

Rainy-Day Chic

North Face Rain Jacket | J.Crew Classic Mini | Hunter Wellies

I think you will always enjoy a rainy day a bit more if you have a fun umbrella!

How do you look chic during rainy days?


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