Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry and bright.

Merry Christmas!

Who doesn't love Christmas?!  The decorations, movies, music, parties and of course the food (yummy!!!).  I always have to stop myself from starting the celebration as early as the stores (I mean really...there is Halloween and Thanksgiving to celebrate before December, the stores really need to chill!).  My mom always goes all out with decorations at our house.  For a few years we had three trees (normal size, not small) in our house.  It always gets me in the Christmas spirit when I get to come home to such a winter wonderland, in Florida.

Every Christmas Dad get me a silver bell with my name engraved on it.  I always know that I will get one, but I still get excited to open a new shiny bell and hang it on the tree.  I have such a large collection of silver bells now that we have a "bell tree" by the window in our piano room.  It's a little smaller then our main tree, but it's so cute will all the silver bells and red ribbons.

Dad is allergic to pine trees therefore we don't have live Christmas trees.  I used to not like having a fake tree, but now I realize that it is a lot easier not have a live tree (no messy pine needles to clean up).  However, since I have never had a real Christmas tree, Dad decided to buy me a mini tree at Publix this year and it's in my bedroom.  It's so cute! We decorated it with all glass ornaments.

Mom found the cutest decorations for my room this year.

Have a fabulous Christmas and break from school.

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